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Sleep is overrated

21 December 1975
I am originally from Hialeah, FL. I have moved around since graduating high school, and have lived in Wellesley, Massachusetts (where I went to Wellesley for undergrad) as well as Boston (Somerville, to be exact) for a few years. I then moved to NYC, where I did med school and then residency in ophthalmology. I moved to Pittsburgh to specialize in the retina, and have been living here a year now after finishing my fellowship. I currently work at the UPMC Eye and Ear Institute as an Assistant Professor of Ophthalmology, where I see patients as well as teach the residents and medical students.
This has all been a sort of weird transition for me as this is my first "real" job ever, and it is quite a switch from being a perma-student.
I am now trying to foster some old and some new hobbies, including cooking, knitting, jogging, and (now) biking.