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Sunday nights

So since I have been done with fellowship and started having my own clinic, I have had this problem where I started totally dreading my clinic on Mondays. At first it was so bad that I would have trouble sleeping, and the drive into work was super painful. I was also like this the nights before my other clinics during the week as well.

I realized lately that this hasn't been happening as much anymore. As a matter of fact, hasn't been happening much at all lately. I can actually feel relaxed the nights before my clinic now.

Progress is being made!

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Just say no to super dry air

We just got this humidifier today...

Yes, I am now 5 years old.

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Three is a crowd

Three is a crowd
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Here you can see I made 3 little friends here in Texas.

The current scene in my bed

This is about as close as the kitties get to sleeping together.

May. 14th, 2006

I am back from Atlanta. More later. But for now, some pix from my trip to Hotlanta...


lazy sunday, south miami style

So I had the most lazy Sunday ever, and it felt great! I slept until about 11am, and then got up and lounged around with my aunt and uncle and John. We had some breakfast and just chatted and lounged around all day. We finally made it out after it got dark to go get some dinner at a Thai restaurant, which was very yummy. Now I am sipping wine and playing on my aunt's dial-up connection.

My aunt's house really took a hit this hurrican season. They had Katrina, Wilma, and Rita this year and between all 3 of those, my aunt's lot pretty much lost every tree it had on the property. Her house use to be this really secluded place surrounded by super-dense vegetation of trees and other plants. Now it is totally gone. Her house looks like its sitting in the middle of a parking lot and anybody driving by on the road can see it. It is really sad. She feels lucky, though, that nothing bad happened to the house. It sucks though because now they are left wondering if they should stay there, or just cut their losses and sell the house and move somewhere else. It sucks as the loss of all of the beautiful trees and plants makes their property much less valuable than it was before.

My aunt has a lot of kitties, and I will try and post pictures if I can. She has about 9, and they wander in and out of the house. They are really adorable and each has its own personality. John is currently bonding with Michael, this kitty she got from a friend that suffered some spinal problem after a fall, so his back legs and tail are kind of spastic and they don't always do what he wants them to do. But he is super cute.

I am getting together with my mom tomorrow. For those of you who don't know, she is in this cult-ish sort of religious group...she lives with these people and I have very little contact with her. She is coming over here tomorrow to spend the afternoon with us. I haven't seen her in a year. We'll see how that goes!

Weather here is nice, although it is cool by south Florida standards. I think it was in the 40's last night? Today it was in the 60's...pretty nice if you are coming from frigid nyc, but not exactly beach weather either.

I just figured out how to send pictures from my cameraphone to flickr. We'll see how that goes!